Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Capabilites:


Question: I don’t see the part number  that I need listed, but my part looks the same as the parts in the pictures. Do you have the capability to get my part overhauled? 

Answer: Possibly. We have only listed higher volume products and stocked products on Give us a call or send us an email with the part number(s) on your part. There is a good chance we can get it overhauled.

2. Purchases and Shipping Instructions:

Question: I want to get my part overhauled.  Do I need to do this through the website?

Answer: No.  You can just send you part in for overhaul at:


Current Aviation, LLC.

822 Rugby Ct.

Nekoosa, WI 54457

The price are the  same as what is listed in the Store.


Payment options are as follows:

1) You can pay by placing a check in the box with your part for the amount listed and providing a return shipping label or a shipping account number or,

2) Pay with a credit/debit card once the work is completed or,

3) Pay with a wire transfer. 

We won’t return ship until payment is received. 

3. Selling/buying Cores:

Question: Do you buy cores?

Answer: Yes! Just send us an email with what you have (preferably with pictures showing the condition) and what you would like for your core at:  

4. Core Charges:

Question: How long do I wait to get my core charge back?

Answer: It depends. Most items like the Dukes and Weldon pumps you will have the core charge returned as soon as we receive your core. Other items like actuators may take a couple of weeks for us to verify if it is in fact repairable.  We stake our reputation on providing the best possible service for the most competitive pricing and will never take advantage of a customer by de-valuing a core.

5. Boat and Car fuel pumps:

Question: Can you overhaul my Weldon fuel pump out of my boat?

Answer: We can overhaul some boat and car fuel pumps. If your pump looks like any of the pumps shown on our website we can most likely overhaul it. Give us a call or send us an email. 

6. Product Pictures:

Question: Is the picture of the part the actual part I’ll receive?

Answer: Most likely no. But all the product pictures are product that was sent to customers.